Embark on our 4 Month Medicine Song Training in 2022

Join our 4 month immersive training, designed for women seeking a deep connection with the Earth and their Sacred Song.

This immersion will gift you songs, sacred templates for ceremony, practices to apply to your daily lives adding more confidence to open your voice, express your true authentic self and share with others.

You may not be a singer or have professional aspirations but know that your voice is an extremely powerful tool. When you harness this power and experience the beauty of your own unique sound, life forever changes.

Your voice is the single most powerful tool for awakening consciousness & generating love.

Cultivating a relationship to your voice generates vitality, strengthens your immune system, brings peace of mind and builds self-confidence. Being in tune with your unique voice gives you the ability to quickly access your heart space anytime to communicate clearly, with love, inner confidence, and radiance

We offer a 4 month container to explore, learn, sample and dive deep into your own ability to be heard through song, sharing and sounding. No singing or musical experience needed – just an open heart for learning and experiencing.

Immersion Weekends Include:

  • Song Circles
  • Art to open the Voice
  • Movement Therapy
  • Ceremony & Sound
  • Breathwork
  • Earth & Element Connection
  • Voice Activation Exercises
  • Sound Therapy & Healing

Develop your Voice Empowerment Skills &

Immerse in Sacred Song & Sound Healing Arts

Do you seek to:

  • Be Seen and Heard in your True Soul Voice
  • Be recognised as a Healer, Leader or Facilitator in your Own Medicine

  • Open up to the Song of the Earth and use the Gifts of Listening and Empathic Tuning into Energy and Vibrations

  • Connect and Share this Journey with Others on a Sound Healing Path

  • Move Past blocks you may have held due to Trauma and Fear of Speaking Truth and Sharing your Divine Song

  • Dive Deep and get really juicy with Sound and Song Healing

  • Remember to Open your Voice and Heart to Receive the Medicine of Songs

  • Tap into Ancient Soul Lineage and Intuition, Remembering and Healing Past Lives or Tapping into Ancestral Memories

  • Channel Musical Experience and Talent towards a Healing purpose

  • Play, Camp, Sit around the Fire. Sing, Dance and Dream

  • Prioritise your own Time and Space to Explore Sound Healing and Receive this Upgrade through Medicine song

  • Hear the Call and Respond in a Deep, Embodied Way to this Body of work. 

During this 4 month container, we will be camping on the land, sharing food that will be lovingly prepared for you, sitting in circle and sharing our hearts and connecting deeply to one-another.

We will be Sharing Fireside Song sessions, Chanting Mantra, doing guided Breathwork and many other Somatic therapies that will help to Clear the Channels to become your Authentic Song and Bridging the Heaven on Earth Reality. We will learn how to become a Song Catcher and the Simplicity of Simply Listening to the Songs that are Waiting for You.

Your voice is the single most powerful tool for awakening consciousness & generating love.

With Deep Respect and Acknowledgement, we Offer these Songs to the Earth, the Sky , the Waters, the Ethers and Every Living Being in between. Cleansing, Healing, Liberating, Re- calibrating and Rewiring Ourselves as Vessels of CHANGE !!

If this offering calls to your soul – contact us for more information….

Retreat 1:



  • Base and sacral chakra
  • Personal sharing and transformation
  • Earth medicine healing and sounding
  • Shamanic ways of sound healing
  • Sound clearing of emotions and transforming fear into love
  • Earth listening with space to really drop into personal calling and intentions for

    this journey as a whole

  • Rituals using sound and song in ceremony

  • Creating our own earth spirit song

  • Earth based grounding breathwork

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Retreat 2:


  • Solar plexus, heart and throat focus
  • Using sound integrated with energy work, bodywork, somatic based
    counselling processes
  • Art therapy processes
  • Heart centered breathwork
  • body percussion massage process using sound
  • One on one sound healing using instruments, drums, bowls, your own
    musical instruments as vibrational healing
  • Healing heart, relationships, connection to nature, others and community
    through song
  • Cultural healing songs, celtic songs, our own personal traditional people
    connecting songs . Tibetan, sanskrit, indigineous, native american etc in connecting with our soul lineage connections.

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Retreat 3: 


  • Throat, third eye and crown focus
  • Small and large group based processes and facilitation of events using sound
    and song- eg. kirtan and sound healing baths, song circles etc.
  • Manifestation through sound – the soul downward flow from soul call to
    manifestation- how will you share this work in your world/work?
  • Living and expressing from your authentic, connected voice
  • Divine channelling and higher chakra sound vibrational healing – nada yoga, tantric sound practices, mantras, overtoning and angelic songs 
  • Atlantean lineages, light language, mantra…… 

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3 Day Full Training Weekend Retreats x 3

4 x Monthly New Moon Circles

Our Facilitators

Our 4 month Immersive Training will be Facilitated by 3 powerful Medicine Song Women:

Adhi Bail

Adhi Bail

Kirtanist, Yogic Practitioner & Breath of Bliss Facilitator

Zoe Dodds (Gaia)

Zoe Dodds (Gaia)

Author, Healer & Sacred Feminine Mentor

Sarita Sloane

Sarita Sloane

Yogic Practitioner & Sound Medicine Facilitator

4 Month Medicine Song Journey – Includes 3 Retreats

Explore the Shamanic & Transpersonal Realms

Learn how to hold a powerful space for women. Understand the anatomy of ceremony and how to successfully navigate the shamanic & transpersonal realms

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Trauma Release

Learn to guide women through a gently supported journey of trauma release with somatic therapy, breathwork and

healing touch.  

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Therapeutic Arts

Assist clients with process orientated healing with Art therapy, Clay modelling & Sand Therapy.

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Learn how to run Women’s Circles

Feeling the pulse of Shakti in our veins, we dance our feminine radiance and re-claim the power of woman. Come resource yourself dear woman, and find your fluid dance. This is a space where we offer sacred circle, exploration of the feminine arts and embodied practice.

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Facilitating with

Art Therapy

We delve into the mystery, the Transpersonal realms, to learn of our light and dark, and to truly rebirth ourselves from within. Using transpersonal art therapy we play with colour, fabric, clay, music, dance, meditation and mixed media to connect to the light within.

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Sound & Voice


Through the medicine of sound we re-awaken ancient knowing, long buried truths and cellular wisdom from deep within our bones. With sound we elevate our frequency, our divine coding and we connect to the pulse of life.

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Sisterhood & Community 

Coming into the body sphere is a sacred practice. it is within the body that we do our healing, integrate our earthly experiences and become whole and integrated in all senses of the word.

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Sacred Arts

Carving spaces in time to re-connect with our divine wonder. Awakening inner silence, a space for the sacred arts to intertwine with creative play, to re-awaken and replenish. Enjoy a deep dive into the sacred arts of Meditation & Breath Therapy. 

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Feminine Abundance

Heal the Feminine Heart using Sacred Sensuality, Massage & Healing Touch  with an understanding of the deep feminine. Here you enter a co-creative healing portal where the ancient arts embrace your body and being.

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Medicine Song Experiences …

“”I am so grateful to have found this Women’s Medicine Song Circle.

I have been singing with them for over a year now & it is still one of my MOST favorite things to do!

Being a part of this circle brings so much joy & delight to my heart & soul!

As women sitting in circle together in love and in harmony, we heal ourselves, we heal each other, we heal the world!”

- Doris (Singer & Healer)

It is what “medicine” should be, healing and nourishing to body, mind, heart and soul!

It is guided by three beautiful women of music & song, Adhi, Sarita & Zoe, all of whom are gifted musicians and divine high vibrational women who lead and live from their hearts, encouraging others to also stand in their truth & their power.

The space these three hold is welcoming to all- no music or singing experience is needed or expected. It is a safe space for all to explore, to have fun & to gain confidence in their voice & self expression.

“Medicine Song Circle, is a space of being nurtured by the presence of other women, weaving our hearts & voices, realising we are in this journey on Earth together.         A space to feel welcome whether we are feeling up or down, vulnerable or strong. Come as you are “

-Emmy (Professional Singer)

“Singing sacred song with beautiful beings in a loving environment is so good for the soul! I enjoy every session.” 

-Aurora Hood Hammond ( Facilitator)

“How wonderful to have discovered a group of women who love to sing together, for our own self healing, and to raise the vibration of the planet! This sacred circle includes medicine songs and kirtan style mantas in the beautiful setting of the Golden Womb, on Zoe’s property. She, along with Sarita & Adhi, hold space with genuine warmth and encouragement for all to sing as they feel to.

I have experienced deep trance-like states, and delicious spontaneous improvisations never to be repeated.

Pure magic.”

-Caroline (Professional Musician)

“Medicine Song Circle is just that- Medicine for my soul.

It truely has been the one thing that has provided a sense of belonging and deep nurturing, positively effecting me mentally emotionally and physically.

I’ve lost count the number of times I’ve experienced full body tingles due to the harmonics created by the women who gather at the circle.

Truely vital for the times we are living in. Thank you to the Facilitators Zoe, Adhi and Sarita from the depths of my roots for continuing to show up and keep building on this wonderful community offering!!!

-Nadja Dineen (Acupuncturist)

“Medicine Song Circle is a highlight of the month for me.

The Song is medicine that ignites my strength and inner feminine wisdom.

Also, I feel supported, loved and nurtured.

The Community and connection is beautiful.

The space is held beautifully by Zoe, Adhi and Sarita.

They are amazing musicians.

Very inclusive.

I feel totally safe and comfortable.” 

-Jaya (Social Worker)

“Magic occurs as as our voices weave, merge and lift and I always leave with a full heart and a softness born of the feminine essence.

For me the safety comes in there being no social pressure to speak or explain or use words…our song is enough, and it’s in the blended song a heart resonance occurs


“The monthly medicine song circle has repeatedly gifted me a loving space to just be and feel within a safe, held group of women, especially during times of external life turmoil.

It’s not about being able to sing, it’s more about showing up, and always, always, feeling softer as I walk quietly back to my car, under the brightness of starlight, regenerated and ready to step back into life.

- N. Ferrington

More from Our Students …

“I found the beauty in my darkness.

I felt a shedding of layers and ancient holding – so warm and tingly, dark and safe and held.”

-B. Bourke

“The entire space and flow was held so beautifully that organically I came in to feeling and processing.”

-K. Kingwell

“I would wish this for all women, to feel so nurtured and inspired in such a gentle, beautiful space.

I feel so blessed to have a chance to attend, and feel so enriched by the experience. Thankyou.”

-L. B

“We shared, laughed, cried, embraced, expressed, danced and talked and these threads have woven such a rich experience together for me.

I have shed a skin and am excited to embrace a more playful existence. My cup is full!!!”

-L. Copland

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