Medicine Circles

Monthly Medicine Song Circles

Monthly on the new moon we gather in Zoe’s magical yurt that holds us close as we discover and create new songs, revisit old songs, warm our hearts, soothe our minds and remember who we truly are. Location: Noosa Hinterland, Sunshine Coast, Australia.

This circle and our repertoire of songs grows monthly. You are welcome to bring a song that speaks to your heart and soul and share them with the women. It is never about how well you sing as this is a space where you are invited to step aside self-judgement, limiting beliefs about your ability and be witnessed in song as a welcome offering. We love to help women find their voice and share songs that move them. Some of our sessions are more interactive and an invitation to ‘play’ with sounds and volume… a calling to be heard and our prayers to be answered.

You are also perfectly welcome to sit back, listen and bathe in the sounds.

Once you learn these songs, you will find yourself singing them to your children, while you drive, at work, as you clean the house !!! The more you sing, the more natural it feels and the easier it is to harmonise.

We are reclaiming our joyful divine birthright and changing up the vibration of the collective voice.